The Korona Coin is a functioning network of different applications and with features that support private users and businesses that seek the benefits of blockchain payment solutions. The components of the system include:

  • A new digital payment technology
  • E-commerce payments
  • Wise product and market selection
  • Korona payments in shops
  • Exchange
  • Business wallets
  • Integrated service packages
  • Short-term volatility tempering
  • Integrated market support
  • Price reduction for its users

Korona commerce platform

Initially this feature was designed for supporting contactless smartphone payments in various physical shops. The business users of this platform will be provided with QR codes to enable transactions, but in the near future they shall be also able to track all of their transactions with a secure connection to their business wallets. Merchants will be able to receive all data necessary for duly fulfilling their invoicing, VAT-payment, other taxation and accounting duties. At a later stage, without affecting the security of the payments, APIs will be provided to external service providers to extend the business opportunities of connecting the commerce platforms to other information networks of the merchants. Among other benefits it will enable the creation of token-integrated automated invoicing programs, inventory-registration programs, consumption tracking, re-ordering systems, while it will also support the easy and friendly usage of the Korona Ecosystem.

Korona merchant marketing support

For many merchants the participation in the Korona Ecosystem will bring additional marketing opportunities and also the possibility to extend their markets. A special web-based marketing support scheme will help these registered companies and all vendors that accept Korona payments to promote their products and services. The scheme will also help Korona token holders to find those web based and physical stores, where Korona tokens can be used. Additionally, Korona users will also find the nearest Korona accepting places with the help of their smartphones. Participating in this modern technology world provides companies opportunities to raise attention to
their goods and services. The Korona management will support its business users (if requested) in order to promote their products and services in an effective and profitable manner.

Business wallets for business users

The Korona Ecosystem business users will be able to create special business wallets that have additional features, which enable the businesses to make all benefits arising from the Korona business support system. To provide transparency but also to help interactions with local authorities, the business users of Korona wallets will be able to officially register their wallets. This means that even though private users are provided with anonymity, the companies will have the option to register and to connect their wallets officially to the company.

Additionally, business users will have special features that will be available 0-24h online, such as:

 printable history of all transaction
 printable history of transaction exchange rates to support accounting tasks
 printable history of transactions in selected fiat money to support accounting tasks
 separate printable transaction history with other registered business users (indicating names, addresses, tax numbers) to support inter-company crypto based payments or clearings either within the same company group or in the global commerce between various companies
 possibility to request taxation information support
 request instant smart contracts to enter the fiat receivable service mechanism provided by Korona Crypto Bank Services


For more information, visit the Website or read the Whitepaper.