SwissBorg’s objective is to become the first cryptocurrencies wealth management platform based on blockchain technology. Our community-centric approach aims to revolution investment in cryptos. All CHSB token holders will have the opportunity to participate in the development of the SwissBorg network through the concept of “proof of meritocracy”. Our community will be rewarded by voting on the most promising projects that bring true value to SwissBorg’s platform. At the moment, there are no Swiss fintech startups with those tailor-made investment services within the crypto market, something SwissBorg will change. In addition to this, it will use smart contracts, part of the smart investment mandate that is powered by the technology of the Ethereum blockchain. Between digitalisation and cryptography, SwissBorg will have additional customisation and accessibility compared to other similar projects in place.


The banking industry does not look the way it should in the age of digitalisation and decentralisation. On one hand, the blockchain ecosystem is experiencing exponential growth in asset value creation while available financial management solutions remain extremely limited.On the other hand, the off-chain financial ecosystem operates with obsolete technologies and professional wealth management services that remain exclusive to elite clients while the vast majority is strictly cut-off. It is still difficult for the financial industry to confront reality despite signs of change in clients’ expectations. There is an urgent need for a community-centric investment framework.

The Cryptallion token Hedge Fund

Our Team has extensive experience in alternative investment strategies used by Hedge Funds. These strategies look for edges (Alpha) to outperform the market. We apply the same approaches when investing in cryptocurrencies. A Hedge Fund architecture offers a more robust and dynamic leeway of management while keeping our constant rigorous and transparent philosophy. Subject to stringent rules, Absolute Return Hedge Funds like the Cryptallion aim to provide a higher level of investment safety and capital preservation by investing in a diversified set of strategies and frequently hedging market risk . After several months of trading our own money and leveraging on 80 years of investment experience to better calibrate our strategies, we have built a diversified set of sophisticated investment strategies that will be employed by SwissBorg’s Flagship Fund: The Cryptallion token Hedge Fund (CSB).By combining cryptocurrencies market beta in the Indexes pocket and tactical trading strategies in the opportunistic pocket, we provide investors with a double layer of diversification.The Cryptallion token Fund (CSB) will be offered exclusively during our token Generation Event (“TGE”), that will be done in H1 2018. After that period, the CSB token will only be accessible on a exchange trading basis.The Cryptallion offers a highly competitive and unique proposition:
– All of the tokens (100%) distributed to subscribers and without unfair discounts.Most other token funds tend to have either high entry/exit fees and/or a team allocation.

For more information about Swissborg ICO  access the link whitepaper and Swissborg.