SELFLLERY is a social platform of a new breed, designed for monetization of the visual content,and a next generation of native advertisement platforms. Each received like on the platform gets converted to SLY tokens, thus letting its users to get money for posting photos and videos on SELFLLERY. SELFLLERY CEO and co-founder Vadim Onishchenko is a professional photographer and businessman having a great experience in IT. Another co-founder Vladimir Dmitriev is a professional investor, with expertise in development of economic models. Using all their experience combined, SELFLLERY team creates an ecosystem that could serve an example of decentralized user-driven economy. Any user can buy products and services on marketplace, using SLY tokens. Any advertiser can start an advertising campaign or a photo contest, paying with SLY tokens. The photo stock gallery serves the purpose of buying and selling visual content, also with SLY tokens. The platform donates 10% of its monthly profit to charity organizations. Usersalso can set the percentage of contributions and choose from a list of charitable foundations to donate SLY tokens to charity on monthly basis.

Digital Photography Market

Everyday billions of people take billions of photosand videos, instantly posting them on the Internet. Many photo- and video materials become very popular, or even viral, some of them are highly demanded by mass-media companies, which strive to publish content on trending topics as quickly as possible. 3+ billion smartphones are being used right now and most of them have built-in cameras which allow to take high-quality photos. The number of digital photos is growing exponentially every year. 1.2 trillion digital photos were taken worldwide in 2017, that’s roughly 160 pictures for every one of the 7.5 billion people in the world.

Social media platforms are the primary channel for publishing and promoting digital photos, while at the same time, they have become one of the main sources of Internet traffic for advertisers. Therefore, social media marketing expenses amount to a significant portion of overall marketing spends in companies. The share of social media costs in marketing budget is expected to increase from 9.8% to 18.5% over the next five years.

Marketplace for Products and Services

SELFLLERY users get access to the SELFLLERY marketplace where they can purchase products, related to photo industry (cosmetics, selfie sticks, smartphones, etc.)and various services (cosmetic procedures, plastic surgery, photo prints etc.) with SLY tokens or other cryptocurrency. All suppliersare required to complete an authorization process. Supplier catalog will include their ratings, escrow and reviews.

Photo Stock Gallery

SELFLLERY provides a multifunctional photo stock gallery for buying and selling digital photos. Payments in the stock gallery are made with SLY tokens. All stock gallery usersare required to complete verification to ensure the right of ownership for their photos.


After registration each user gets 10 S-Likes (valid for use for 30 days). Also it’s possible to buy more (1 S-Like = 1 SLY token). S-Like can be used to draw everyone’s attention to outstanding photos. Each timeanyone spends his S-Like on a photo, this photo gets moved from itsauthor’s profile to aspecial gallery, where other users can vote for it, using their S-Likes. This process is similar to an auction,as the picture owner gets 25% ofall S-Likes in the end, first voter gets 25%, 40% goes to all voters and 10% goes to SELFLLERY platform. To incentivize voting, the last voter gets additional 2.5% of all S-Likes. The auction lasts 24 hours, when it’s done, the photo returns to its author’s profile and all profits are distributed among voters.

Token Generation Event

Token Generation Event (TGE) isan event when anyone can become the owner of SLY tokens. A token isa core element, which is used in the SELFLLERY platform operations to allow internal payments between its users. Initially, SLY tokens are generated during the TGE on the Ethereum platform. Buyers receive SLY in exchange for Ethereum (ETH) tokens by sending a payment to a smart contract that generates SLY tokens.

Token name: SLY
Total SLY token amount: 50,000,000,000 SLY
Available in ICO (hard cap): 22,500,000,000 SLY

Source: youtube/SELFLLERY

For more information, visit the WEBSITE or read the Whitepaper.