Rentberry is on a positive trajectory in the long-term rental platform space. They already have more than 120,000 users and 224,000 properties on their platform and have raised $4 million in funds from highly respected angel and institutional investors. Unlike many blockchain startups, they already have an established business which goes beyond a vision and a roadmap. Since the latest version of their platform went live in early 2017, the media has referred to us as a truly disruptive real estate technology. This has resulted in requests from around the globe asking when their services and technology will become available on an international basis. The goal of the Rentberry token sale (“Token Sale”) is to convert their business into a truly decentralized token ecosystem that will reduce the time and expense of long-term rentals for everyone involved, and provide the capital which will allow us to address the growing international demand for Rentberry’s services. Rentberry is a decentralized long-term rental ecosystem that will use blockchain technology to make the rental process less costly and more convenient and secure.

Open and Transparent Rental Platform

Rentberry will use blockchain technology to streamline the entire long-term rental process by making it possible for tenants and landlords to complete all rental tasks in one place. These tasks include:

• Searching for properties;
• Making ofers / bids via the Rentberry auctioning platform;
• Screening prospects;
• Selecting the best / most suitable candidates;
• Negotiating the terms;
• Unlocking rental security deposits;
• E-signing contracts;
• Paying rent;
• Submitting maintenance requests;
• Hiring third-party service providers (e.g., handymen and plumbers); and
• Enabling landlords to stay connected with tenants.

Blockchain Technology and Smart Contracts

Rentberry is convinced that blockchain technology combined with smart contracts will be the core engine for the long-term rental industry.Rentberry is convinced that blockchain technology combined with smart contracts will be the core engine for the long-term rental industry.optimized, identity can be managed securely, and ultimately the overall rental experience can be improved.

Token Launch

Rentberry partnered with Cryptonomos to perform the Token Sale and therefore will be using their book building platform in order to manage the Token Sale (including the KYC process). To participate in the Token Sale, prospective purchasers will need to visit where they will be required to register for the Cryptonomos book building portal. Once successfully registered, buyers will be able to purchase BERRY tokens using Ethereuum or Bitcoin. Token buyers will be purchasing BERRY tokens to be used within the Rentberry platform, as mentioned above.The Rentberry Token Sale will take place on December 5th 2017 9:00 New York Time (EST) and will conclude on the earlier of (1) February 28th 2018 23:59 New York Time (EST) (the “Closing Date”); or (ii) until the amount of contributions received reaches $30 million USD provided that Rentberry may extend the Closing Date, in its sole discretion, up to 3 times with each extension being 30 days (the “Token Sale End Date”).

For more information about Rentberry ICO access the link whitepaper and Rentberry.