PayPro is a decentralized bank made for dealing with a new eco-system where value is represented in new forms thanks to Smart Contracts. Thus, PayPro is a decentralized financial-marketplace where any dApp can post its services. We are also developing a Wallet where users will be able to store crypto-currencies and any ERC-20 token.

After we have built PayPro, a user will be capable of storing ETH, BTC or GAS, for instance, and use the marketplace for investing in a crowdfunding platform, for instance. As a result of that, all the crypto-assets and liabilities of an individual will be represented in PayPro.

Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

Because PayPro is a complex challenge, we are yet to develop it. Though, all the code will be open source and we expect the community to join us on its


PayPro will accept most forms of crypto- currencies. Using Ethereum will allow users to store at least the 100 most used currencies by transaction volume per day. Of course, PayPro Token will be our main currency and will be easily exchanged with any other currency.So far, we have developed an iOS app that allows to store BTC, but this is just a proof of concept made for user experience purposes.

Market place (Not available until July 2019)

On the one hand, users will be capable of using their PayPro Tokens, also known as PYPs, for buying any service in the marketplace.Once the user will have spent its PYPs, a token will be received and stored on the application as a result of using a Smart Contract. For instance, if a user wants to invest in a crowdfunding platform, he can browse for crowdfunding platforms, select a campaign, pay in PYPs and store the token received in exchange on PayPro.

On the other hand, suppliers can submit their services to the marketplace. By using smart contracts, we can ensure that all transactions are made in a secure and efficient way. All suppliers will be rated by the users so the best suppliers can be recommended and the worstcan be ruled out. By implementing this rating system we can avoid centralization and thus guarantee that services are client-focused and not the otherwise.


-Name PayPro Token

-Symbol PYP

-Pre-sale period January 8th to January 15th, 2017

– Pre-sale terms Min investment of 15 ETH

-Pre-sale bonus Bonus of up to 35%

-Main Sale period January 15th to January 31st

-Main sale terms Min investment of 0.5 ETH

-Main sale bonus 1st 24 hours 20%;1st week 15%;2nd week 10%;

-Exchange rate 1 ETH : 500 PYP;

-Limits 20,000 ETH (Hard Cap) or EUR 5,000,000.00 depending on exchange rate.

-Accepted currencies: ETH only Token holder benefits Decision & Economic rights. % of Token sold 40%

-Nationality :Anyone except Singapore, Estonia and the US due to legal restrictions or countries trade sanctioned by the US.

For more information about PayPro ICO company ACCES the link whitepaper and PayPRO.