Momentum is a platform having operations developed on the blockchain. It is the first ever cryptocurrency-based marketing automation platform where businesses are able to incentivize and reward their customers for their support, loyalty, and feedback. By revolutionizing the marketing, the platform serves as an innovative source for the businesses to develop their customer loyalty and long-term relationship successfully.

Businesses using this platform can reward customers in many ways, for instance, for purchasing a new product or giving a review of the product they used. This information is valuable for the businesses since it gives valuable insights into the customer trends, behavior, likes and dislikes, buying pattern and needs. Thus, they are able to improve their offerings and come up with personalized products in future to retain their best customers.


The potential benefits to companies and consumers are wide ranging. They include:

· Companies can use their own branded cryptocurrency-based marketing reward programs

· Gain improved understanding of customer’ behaviour.

· Connect with customers and friends at critical times

· Reward customers with crypto tokens, and other incentives for purchasing, providing personal data, posting reviews, clicking likes, and so forth.

· Allow consumers to collect crypto rewards from local stores using various apps and augmented reality

· Consumers will benefit from marketing that is better connected to their needs and a share of the value they provide to the business

· Reduced spam and unwanted messages

· Reward points in the form of cryptocurrencies which will be highly valued by customers

· Customers will have complete control over the data they share

Their Technology Solution

The existing MobileBridge Platform is comprised of:
• Back end infrastructure – cloud-based databases, applications, web interfaces and their big data platform;
• MobileBridge Composer – GUI designer for developing personalised campaigns;
• API Layer – the interface between brand applications and the MobileBridge platform’s restful calls to any 3rd party integrations, push notification  services, geofencing and geolocation services.

The current technology and infrastructure will be extended into the blockchain to support token-based rewards and  incentives, token exchanging and trading, and user control and privacy. These planned enhancements will be staged as  outlined in their Evolution.

The Token

The token is unusual as individual companies can brand it. It has various functions:

· Companies can award tokens to reward their customers and supporters for purchases, loyalty and for sharing their personal data with the company

· Customers will be able to exchange branded tokens for momentum tokens to be retained in their wallets, traded for other branded tokens, and exchanges for alternative cryptocurrencies.

· Momentum tokens are used by companies to pay for access to the momentum platform

· A cryptocurrency for investment and peer to peer transfer


Tokens will be available to friends and family until 23rd March 2018 followed by a private sale which will take place between 24th March and 23rd April. The Public Sale will be launched on 26th April.

· Token: MobileBridge Momentum Token (which can be branded by companies)

· Maximum number of tokens: 1,000,000,000 (1 billion)

· Tokens available during ICO: 500,000,000 (50%)

· Token price: €0.10

·Soft-cap: €2.5 million

· Target: €25 million

· Hard cap: €42 million

· Sale starts: 26th April 2018

· Sale ends: 25th May 2018

The remaining 50% of tokens will be distributed as follows:

· MobileBridge strategic capital reserve: 33%

· Long-term team retention: 5%

· 3rd party launch costs: 5%

· Team: 3%

· Advisors: 2%

· Bounty program: 2%

This is one of the clearest ICOs I have seen for some time with a definite purpose and use-case for where a cryptocurrency has additional benefit over traditional loyalty programmes.

For more information,visit the Website or read the Whitepaper.