MILC is creating a blockchain-managed license, trading and sales platform for high-quality video content, for the international broadcasting, VOD and online video publishing sectors. The MILC blockchain application provides templates for the different types of use. Every vendor can pre-define the type of use they offer. All purchasers can see which of the stated exemplary types of use are still available. The MILC token is the payment medium within the platform. Payments to the platform apart from MILCs can also be made in MILCs convertible fiat currencies, such as EUR/USD/CHF, in addition to MILCs. The integrated exchange API converts fiat currency payments into MILC in a seamless user experience. The end-user is able to use the system with normal currency or crypto, without being a crypto currency expert. The blockchain-based sales structure can easily be extended securely, allowing an ever increasing number of producers and consumers to participate. As the content on the platform grows, it will evolve into a leading market position. The token’s success is not dependent on first establising an underlying business model. Instead, it is designed as a utility token on the MILC-platform from the beginning in to the existing business and will be develop further there. The MILC community plays an important part in the MILC blockchain business model, content production, distribution, and evolution of the token as a valuable utility token.

The advantages of the MILC blockchain

For content providers:
Providers of content receive an overview of the entire market of potential customers, globally. This eliminates a sales commission of 30% to 50%.
For content purchasers:
It is currently not possible for professional media platforms (TV, VOD online publishers) to gain an overview of the video media content market. They rely on sales intermediaries which limits the offering and significantly increases the cost. They would prefer to work directly with the providers to discuss content variants or express desires for future productions. Intermediaries and insufficient time makes it difficult to meet the many providers personally.
The virtual marketplace makes content visible
The MILC blockchain sales platform brings providers and purchasers together and structures relevant contractual communication. Offers are visible and individual agreements can easily be negotiated. This applies to completed productions, as well as future projects, or assured production projects in pre-sales. Sales commission is decreased to an acceptable flat fee (10%) creating a monetary benefit for all. The digital nature of the platform allows offers to be categorised by price. Their platform makes it possible to find available content for the respectively available budget.

The MILC production funding

The MILC platform owners analyse and evaluate new content for sales potential. Strong candidates can either secure intermediate financing through the proceeds function or find residual financing to complete projects. Production is thereby assured for producers and broadcasters.

Factors for MILC value appreciation

The MILC platform offers a strong incentive to invest, and remain within the MILC-platform.
A value increase will be attained by the following core factors:
-Token cap:
The quantity of MILCs is capped at 40,000,000. The token supply is limited and can not be increased when demand increases.
-Growth of the content platform:
As for a national economy in which the demand for money is increased by increased production, the demand for MILCs should be increased by the growth of the content platform. => More content => more licence trade => increased demand for MILCs
-Extension of the ecosystem:
The ecosystem currently comprises B2B sales for content and licensing via smart contracts. The roadmap for expansion can expand the system to include B2C video platform. Or new products such as Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality content, where the MILC acts as a payment method within the ecosystem.

The MILC Token

The Micro Licensing Coin is a utility token and will be the payment medium used within the micro-licensing platform. The sale of the tokens will help boost the value of MILCs in addition to popularizing the platform’s business model. The number of issued MILC tokens are 40,000,000 and 26.5% of these tokens will be available during the ICO. An equivalent percentage will be available during the pre-sale. The best thing about the MILC ICO is that the Welt der Wunder TV Company is an established firm that has been part of the media industry for more than 20 years. The firm has broadcast networks in German and Swiss TV channels. The distribution platform is already developed and the firm has decades of experience. This company is not a startup like most ICO companies but it seeks to solve problems in a market they understand by offering an innovative solution that is bound to enjoy a good demand. Investors are reassured that the product is value for money.

Source: youtube/Welt der Wunder

For more information, visit the WEBSITE or read the Whitepaper.