Global Spy is a blockchain-based professional research service that provides users with a platform they can use to analyze cryptocurrencies and other markets. Global Spy provides investors with professional research on any business, cryptocurrency or asset they would like all over the world. The Global Spy team is comprised of professional researchers who are willing to go the extra mile to provide you with detailed and professional research services. Global Spy also combines expert research with the right an earning opportunity for their clients. If another investor wants the same information, they will be forwarded the research, and the original investor gets 50 percent of what is paid. This is an industry frst. Whenever you had any research done, you would use it forget about it because it cannot be resold. However, Global Spy offers its users an opportunity to share in the proft instead or replicating the same research.


The cryptocurrency market has been growing at a tremendous rate. In October 2017, total funds raised during ICO campaigns amounted to $3,256,704,359 as against $96,389,917 in the year 2016, which shows an increase of 3,278%. With the over 65 times increase, more ICO campaigns are expected to hit the public market down the line. ICO crowdfunding is becoming popular in the Financial technology
sector of any economy. Unfortunately, most of the cryptocurrency ICOs are from start-ups that do not have any verifable registered business backing them up. Many of the losses that have been made in the cryptocurrency industry are from ICOs that are not legitimate or start-ups that are destined to fail. A study showed that 46 percent of the 902 cryptocurrency ICOs active at the start of 2017 failed by the end of the year. A large portion of them were outright scams while others failed because the business model and the idea behind them was not technically sound.


Global Spy offers solutions to receive accurate, complete and quickly delivered information on the chosen currency, initial coin offer, team members, history of the company behind the coin or the key personnel in the company. Global Spy services start from Quick Service all the way to large-scale investigations performed by their professional investigations team, which may even include personal contacts, inquiries, and visits. They carry out investigations on any business activity using their existing methods and tools. The subject of their assessment is not limited to cryptocurrencies.
The only payment method they will accept on the platform is SPY-token. None of the services can be bought with any other method. This creates a demand that ensures that the need for SPY-token remains high.


The main goal of the ICO is to raise funds to develop the platform. Unlike most ICOs that require mining, all the coins will be pre-mined, and most of them will be sold in the ICO. The reason for this is because the Spy tokens will be predominantly used to pay for the professional research. Unlike most cryptocurrency ICOs, Global Spy does not have a presale or a referral link. Instead, all the Spy Tokens allocated to the token sale are sold in the ICO. However, there will be an early-bird bonus distributed as follows.


Global Spy is building a robust investigation platform with completely different approach. Their platform gives you an opportunity to sell your investigation report and earn beneft from information you bought. Their experienced team with long history of investigations can offer reliable reports from companies, ICOs, team members or products for investors to individual person reports to bank industry, exchanges, internet casinos etc.


  • Unlike ICOs in general, SPY token has an inherent need right after ICO. This is because their research can no longer be paid in any other way and their existing customers order them continuously.
  • In their platform you can both order and sell ordered investigations quickly and effortlessly. Whole investigation process is made easy for customer.
  • Since there is a need for a SPY token, they will list it on two exchanges immediately after the end of the ICO to serve their existing customers as well as their investors.
  • All Spy token sell orders placed by Global Spy are always set with at least 1 % higher price than the lowest sell order in that exchange.
  • Get beneft of selling your investigation report. Buy affordable reports from other subscribers.
  • All payments are handled via Smart Contracts

For more information, visit the Website or read the Whitepaper.