Genbby is a decentralized disruptive ecosystem that is focused on competition, learning, training and socializing for the rapid evolution of the player. It differs from other models, because it is autonomous and it’s operated by artificial intelligence engines that are composed of multi-agents with specific roles. They serve as a coach and a personal assistant for each type of platform. Another innovative addition is a payment system with blockchain technology and it’s own cryptocurrency. As well as the option to bet on your skills and earn money with every match you win. This model will activate the gamer’s hobby to be profitable at any stage of their trajectory uncovering a huge economic potential in the industry.

The epidemic on esports

The solution myth

The current model should benefit everyone involved. Casual players, professionals, newbies, teams, events, leagues and tournaments. It should give equal opportunities for everyone in the community, but unfortunately that’s not the case.
The centralized model is only focused on corporate brands, game creators, professional players and teams; which causes many limitations for the participation and interaction of the gaming community as a whole, and this has been the case for many years.

The contagious virus

The lack of opportunities and the many barriers of the centralized ecosystem generate resignation on the players and it consequently causes a culture of hatred and resentment towards each other. Why? Because the players blame other players for their unbalanced teams and matches, as well as the unfair benefits from the professional gamers. These attitudes spread like a virus and damage the gaming culture, creating a toxic community, when in reality the blame is not on the players, but the current model itself.
Many startups have tried to solve these problems using the same centralized model, replicating it with different parameters, without considering the core of the problems. Most notably the pairing system and the level qualifiers. As a result, the progress of the average gamer is stalled in the industry and does not give him the possibility to be financially rewarded for his achievements in the current model.

Training platform

This platform allows each player to have access to a personalized agent who fulfills the role of being a personal trainer. It programs the training based on your development, managing to optimize the results according to the performance of the gamer.


REINFORCEMENT LEARNING: This system allows a personalized search according to your training cycle that will allow you to learn in a fast and progressive way.
MATCHMAKING: This intelligent algorithm matches you with opponents of your same level, according to your playing style and role type. This tool will result in more balanced competitions with every game.
DEEP LEARNING: The data processing algorithms are adapted to each player according to the patterns and aggregated data of each game, improving the development of the player with a deep learning system of his moves.
INTELLIGENT ADAPTIVE PLANNER SYSTEM: This intelligent system plans solutions that are adapted to the player according to his performance.
SMART TRACKING SYSTEM: This system adapts to the needs that arise at any time.

Proof of work in action

They differentiate ourselves from other startups that also propose solutions via blockchain, because their product is functional and their ideas have been tested. So far, phase 1 of the process has been completed and the competitive platform is its third version, already in operation. As a team they seek to realize the total operation of the ecosystem and fulfill the need for each player to profit with his hobby at any stage of his career.


Intelligent algorithm that matches you with opponents of your same level, according to your playing style and role type. This tool will result in more balanced competitions with every game.
Modes engine:
Algorithm that allows free access for each player. It implies that there is no need to program or define a specific time to play.
Sophisticated ELO qualifier that measures individual and group performance.
Autonomous reporting:
The gamer can continue to play whenever he wants, since the reporting system adapts to his needs and does so automatically.

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