EHO Technologies is a spin-off from Riga Technical University, in Latvia. It started around scientific elaborations related to smart textiles and data processing and interpretation. Currently EHO develops an innovative proprietary technology to produce pressure sensitive and stretching sensitive textile sensor systems. Combining textile sensor data with data interpretation algorithms, EHO solutions provide meaningful motion analysis to end-users. EHO develops algorithms for data interpretation, thus providing valuable information for monitoring horse and rider performance. The team that involves both – R&D capacity and business development skills, has worked in bootstrapping mode and achieved significant results – proof of concept, in-depth understanding about end user needs, regional network, prototype, and pilot customers.

Problem & Solution

EHO initial product application is dedicated to horse riders. About 45% of horses experience problems with saddle fit. A poor fitted saddle will cause the horse pain and eventually back problems and even lameness. A saddle with good fit on the other hand enhances the performance of the rider and horse. Saddle pad with EHO sensor technology provides following benefits:
  • saving on saddle change – choosing the right saddle for the horse;
  • reducing horse injury costs – right saddle fit;
  • improved riding performance – monitoring rider in- saddle position, benchmarking possibilities.

Product Validation

A number of steps have now been taken to verify the product’s demand on the market. In particular, an assessment of the technological solution of the product has been carried out, which resulted in identifying technological requirements and their compliance with the product. At the moment, EHO has completed work on the demo, which is being shown to potential customers. In addition, in-depth interviews were conducted with clients to identify customer problems and needs.
The industry leaders and experts who were involved in the early stages of developing the product concept and who will provide advice on the first product version stage were identified. At present, the recruited experts are from Latvia, Finland and UK. Possible partners for the development of the product technical solution were evaluated. The technical development of the product demo solution has been carried out in Riga Technical University (Latvia).


EHO sensor system helps setting saddle in the right position and taking care of physical andemotional state of the horse. Like no one else, EHO system gives:
  • Reduced horse back injury risks;
  • Improved riding skills;
  • Peace of mind about horse;
  • Savings on saddle change (choosing the right saddle from the beginning).


At present, the first version of product in serial production is planned to be marketed for 500 euro per unit. The cost includes physical product manufacturing and product delivery costs, advertising and marketing costs, product research and development costs, and salaries. According to the current estimates, it is planned to reach at least 50% profit margin. The primary sales channel is the Internet sales that are planned on the company’s homepage. The product’s visibility will be shaped by participation in industry exhibitions and conferences, as well as using local horse owner communities and associations. Client acquisition costs is planned to be around 70€.
EHO Token
  • 25% to incentivize the ecosystem, partner engagement token stacks
  • 51% sold in the token sale
  • 3% maximum bounty amount
  • 1% to cover tokensale
  • 20% retained by the team, locked for 3 years
Token type: ERC20
Token price during ICO: $0.01 per EHO token
ICO hard cap: $1,750,000
ICO soft cap: $950,000
Symbol: EHO
Purchase methods accepted:ETH, BTC, ShapeShift widget

For more information,visit the Website or read the Whitepaper.