DECOIN is an open source peer to peer digital ecosystem that encompasses its own proprietary digital currency, the DECOIN (DTEP), powered by an Exchange & Trading platform (D – TEP) that redistributes revenues to DECOIN holders and the D – TEP crypto index (DCI). Combining a Proof Of Stake (POS) Blockchain protocol, Transparency, Top level Security and 24 x 7 live support, DECOIN is developing the next generation platform for the decentralized world . The digital currency market has arrived. Hundreds of companies have already created their own digital currencies and in February 2018 , Venezuela launched the first state – created cryptocurrency. Every year since 2013 has seen tremendous growth in digital currencies and value creation to those who invested in them.

• In 2013 Mastercoin (now called Omnilayer ) became the first ever project to ICO, raising $ 500 K

• In 2014 a new Cryptocurrency and framework , Ethereum, was created. This new framework enabled others to easily and quickly deploy new Cryptocurrencies

• 2016 saw 45 ICO ’ s that raised over $ 95 M

• In 2017 saw 211 ICO ’ s raise $ 3.8 Billion ( Coinschedule ). Bitcoin was the second biggest global news stories of 2017 (Google searches)

• To date, 2018 has seen 42 ICO ’ s, with hundreds in the pipeline and expected to trade within a few months Digital currency is here to stay.

DECOIN is developing the next generation trading platform and crypto index for attractive ICOs that will enable liquidity and generate money for both investors and companies traded on their platform.


A major challenge all digital coin holders and traders face regularly is how to exercise their crypto currency and use it for everyday expenses and spending. DECOIN is the first company that has developed sophisticated wallets that let you spend your digital currency when ever you want and where ever you are. Their Vision is to enable every DECOIN holder to enjoy and access the profits he receives, regardless of whether he traded himself or had been awarded his share of DECOIN revenues. Their card holders will also have access to rebates and other cost savings in selected stores, entertainment venues and other consumer facing stores. DECOIN provides five ( 5 ) types of credit card with different types of benefits – all depending on the amount investment in DECOIN.

D-TEP Specifications

  • Advanced security standards, exceeding anything currently available in the marketplace.
  • Easy interface, clear and simple for both advanced traders and newbies
  • Optimization technology algorithms allowing internal trades to be completed in milliseconds
  • Cloud cluster for physically hosting in multi-regions to prevent the possibility of downtime
  • Open API – allows for rapid development by frontend team, traders, affiliates and 3rd parties
  • Multi-currency wallet support – easy integration capabilities with new currencies and exchanges
  • Multi regulation and legislation support – fully GDPR compliant
  • Multi Language support


DECOIN’s research analysts will be scouting the crypto market regularly to study various blockchain projects in order to handpick attractive and financially promising investment opportunities for their users periodically select up to 8 promising crypto companies.As they move forward, additional indices will be created, in different sectors, to meet their users’ growing needs (Biotech, Cyber, Security, etc.). Companies chosen to participate in the index will be swapping their own coins for DECOINs – hence, they will be mutually invested and interested in the index and DECOIN’s success.

For more information, visit the WEBSITE or read the Whitepaper.