At present, there exists a large variety of options for generating profit through investment funds on various financial platforms. The most accessible and popular way for private investors to earn income is classical trading. Positive financial results across a certain period are possible by buying financial instruments of different issuers low and selling high. The evolution of the professional approach to trading grew from the need to minimize potential investment risks and maximize average investment outcomes. This, in turn, led to the emergence of more complex solutions that are now accessible to a wider circle of market participants. The essence of the majority of working solutions is the creation of a systematic set of rules for a hierarchical sequence of trades of various financial instrument. Simply put, it is the trading algorithms that become the basis on which trading systems of varying complexity are built. Since their inception, their team has created, developed and successfully used such algorithmic systems in various financial environments. They have accumulated years of serious experience in dealing with most major financial instruments, working with simple funds as well as institutional clients on the market. They always strive to find opportunities for the growth of their team, and, as a result, the growth of the financial well-being of their clients. After all, the key to the success of any undertaking is the trust and active interest of everyone who is engaged in the process. As world progress does not stand still, the quantity and the quality of financial institutions also continue to grow. Fundamentally new investment instruments have emerged. The infrastructure for their distribution is developing and new trading platforms with unique rules of the game are being created, thus unlocking completely new opportunities for profit.

Advantages of their system

  • Machine learning
  • Integration with 25+ trading platforms
  • Analysis of 200+ trading instruments at any given time
  • No human factor – the system is completely autonomous
  • Works 24/7
  • No risk

Their system is developed on Ethereum (known also as Ether), an open-source platform used for the creation of decentralized online services based on blockchain technology. The choice of platform is not accidental, nor is the interest in the platform of many large software developers like Microsoft, IBM, and Acronis; the airlines Lufthansa and S7; and international charity organization UNICEF.

How does this work?

The classic arbitrage approach, wherein financial profit is gained during simultaneous operations with identical assets with a price difference on different exchanges, has existed for more than 300 years. All this time, the basic idea of arbitrage has been widely used by
the investors internationally in various forms when working with most financial instruments. Let’s consider a basic case of arbitrage. Two exchanges, A and B, show a difference in price of instrument X, whose price is expressed in Y. If instrument X is priced higher on exchange A, the instrument is sold for asset Y. Simultaneously, instrument X is bought on exchange B for Y for the lower price. The main condition for generating profit from arbitrage transactions is the simultaneous execution of two or more transactions on respective exchanges at the stated price of the chosen instrument.

The main reason for the choice of this approach in building the working algorithm is due to the availability of a large number and quality of arbitrage opportunities across cryptocurrency exchanges. Cryptocurrency instruments are characterized by extreme volatility and a lack of centralization. Price differences of identical cryptocurrencies and derivative instruments on different exchanges can be in double-digit percentages.

Their team of developers, specializing in trading and blockchain technologies, has developed a new trading robot, which has been adapted to cryptocurrency market specifics and tested. Its specifications are among the best in the practice. This trading robot is the foundation of their decentralized trading system. Its processing speed for incoming information is the best in the industry.


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