CLOUT aims to become the standard in quality for everything crypto -news, media, and investment. It is an online based integrated software that gives cryptocurrency investors a home.


User-generated content drives billions of dollars’ worth of revenue every year. However, all the value created through the monetization of this content never reaches the user themselves. It is instead reserved for a few shareholders of the large social media outlets.


At the same time, the lack of curation that is put into this content creates an ecosystem where fake news and misleading information thrive. Since there are no incentives for high-quality content and no consequences for low-quality content, the latter can end up being the most popular choice for average users.CLOUT aims to solve the issues by creating a new social-media platform where curation is incentivized and where advertising revenue is shared with the content creators, thus spreading the wealth that is generated through digital content and further advancing the overall ethos of decentralization and cryptocurrencies.

The CLOUT solution & mission

CLOUT is a blockchain-based platform for the cryptocurrency community. A place where all sorts of information about the space can be accessed and shared. CLOUT leverages blockchain technology as an incentive layer for both users and readers, rewarding them for acting in the platform’s best interests. CLOUT provides users with an intuitive interface based on the familiar social media concept. Users can monetize their crypto-related content, ensuring that the wealth they generate is not diverted to any other individual. On the other hand, readers are financially incentivized to monitor the platform and to curate content, promoting high-quality material and demoting poorly written, inaccurate or plagiarized content. By building CLOUT, we hope to create a hub for cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiasts, investors, and workers. A place where they can read and learn freely without fear of being misled. Although CLOUT is focusing on the cryptosphere, the open source nature of the project can be leveraged for other communities and ecosystems that may want to benefit from the technology.

Token Sale

To fund the development and marketing of the CLOUT platform and to ensure a fair and transparent distribution method, CLOUT is hosting a token sale. The CLOUT token sale will be divided in two stages, the pre-ICO and the main ICO.


•2.5 million tokens (2.5%) will be distributed during the Pre-ICO at $1/ CLOUT

The Pre-ICO started on the 27th of September and will end on the 17th of November or when 2.5 million CLOUT tokens are sold. During the Pre-ICO, fiat currencies, BTC and ETH are accepted. There is a 1 BTC / 10 ETH minimum participation requirement.


•5 million tokens (5%) will be distributed during Phase 1 ICO at $2.50/ CLOUT

•3 million tokens (3%) will be distributed during Phase 2 ICO at $5/ CLOUT

•2 million tokens (2%) will be distributed during Phase 3 ICO at $10/ CLOUT

For more information about Clout access the link whitepaper and Clout.