Aworker is a multi-chain verified data protocol for applications creation where people control their information. They connect blockchain technology to the real world by providing decentralized reputation network for the business and people. Their protocol makes it easy to create and manage applications based on verified data and reputation score. People can control their information in one place and capitalize it. Aworker blockchain framework works with public blockchains and has the power to customize it for different applications.

Aworker Platform

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Aworker is a decentralized ecosystem that uses public blockchains to solve practical problems. Their applications and protocols will be open source, and they hope that other players will expand and improve the Aworker ecosystem.

Aworker platform consists of:

  • Multi-chain verified data protocol for applications creation, where the information about people is needed.
  • Decentralized applications (dApps). Aworker app is the first application in their protocol which includes P2P job marketplace, a system of skills verification and a rating of reputation.
  • Storage and data exchange system.

The basis of the Aworker platform consists of smart contracts and protocols. Aworker provides a complete list of useful services for developers to create decentralized applications. They also provide storage and data exchange systems, as well as frameworks for all types of applications, including tools such as APIs, SDKs and other modules. Interaction of applications with the Aworker platform will occur using the API using the API. The Aworker ecosystem includes the development of a cross-platform architecture that will store data (hash) in selected blockchain (Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, NEO). Aworker uses the DPoS consensus algorithm to achieve high data retention rates and greater scalability.

Aworker Protocol

A protocol is a set of rules for exchanging data between different layers of the ecosystem that allows Aworker to extend the core functionality to third-party applications which want to use it. The protocol determines how information will be stored, encrypted and decrypted, who will be able to access the data. Also, the protocol is responsible for the logic of interaction between the blockchains, decentralized repositories and IPFS. Aworker’s payment protocol will regulate who pays the employment contract, when the payment is made, the method of payment, tracking the course and replenishing the budget from the Reserve Fund when the exchange rate falls, the way to distribute remaining tokens as the exchange rate increases, and resolution of disputes.

Advantages for developers of applications from using the Aworker protocol:
• An integration of application with public blockchain, a logic of saving and exchanging data.
• Access to a user database that may interest their clients (companies).
• They immediately access the database of people’s data. They do not need to gather an audience from scratch.
• Developers will receive additional revenue in the form of commissions from the sold data through their application.

Decentralized Applications

Aworker Ecosystem will consist of several decentralized applications:
• Aworker DApp
• Aworker Identity
• Aworker Pay
• Other apps

Aworker token

Aworker token is a utility token which will be designed to support and maintain the platform. Token is used to pay verification fees and data exchange between system users. It will be also a fungible tool for application participants who want to buy/sell the token to use on the platform. The number of tokens is limited.
The need to purchase Aworker tokens:
• For application developers is to sell data within their applications;
• For users it is in the purchase of data, in the search for new customers, in the search and verification of applicants, in paying compensation for the work done and other advantages available in Aworker applications or third-party applications.

For more information, visit the WEBSITE or read the Whitepaper.